We screen for you the entire WWW. After all, every potential candidate leaves his or her traces there. Or is talked about by others. Interesting information can be found, for example, on company websites, in trade fair catalogs, and in lists of participants.  » back

Eighty percent of all candidates leave their resume in databases, but only 16% of all companies use resume databases for recruiting.* We tap this enormous potential for you » back

*Sources/studies: “Recruiting Trends 2013” and “Bewerbungspraxis 2014” (Application Practice 2014)

We design your online job ad and place it on the relevant job boards. Moreover, we will advise you on applicant tracking systems as well as automated ad placements and how to combine them with marketing products. 

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We identify top candidates for you in selected target companies and conduct comprehensive interviews for which you will receive a confidential report. A face-to-face presentation of the candidates can also be arranged.

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Pull not push! Being present in such social networks as Facebook, XING, and LinkedIn, we actively seek to communicate with potential new employees. Thanks to our experience in data management, we will find your candidate. We show you how to enter into a dialog with prospective candidates via the social media channels – but also how you should present yourself as a top employer and advance human resource development via Enterprise. » back

Hundreds of thousands of potential candidates are active in online networks, communities, and forums. We also include this group of individuals in our search. » back

Conventional job ads in newspapers and trade media may also deliver the desired results. We will advise you as to when these media are relevant for your target group and will also be pleased to act as your HR marketing agency.   

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Targeted “referral strategies” in social and personal networks lead to success. We develop the underlying marketing program in close collaboration with you and can also assist in building an “employees recruit employees” program.

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