Banking Capital Markets

With Eurosearch to new professionals!

Are you looking for a recruitment agency that can reliably provide you with new professionals in the financial sector? With Eurosearch, we revolutionize the search for personnel and are at your disposal as an expert in the field of Banking Capital Markets.

Professional support for all aspects of financial services

Within Financial Services it is important to have knowledgeable and reliable employees. This should not be determined after a long time in the company, but already during the recruitment process. With our extensive candidate network, we accompany you in filling open positions in a customized manner without having to put up with long waiting times.

To do this, you simply tell us all the important details about the position you are looking for within a briefing and define the desired approach together with us. Thereupon, we start the desired search with our procedures, present you with suitable profiles and accompany you during the selection process.

How to find your ideal candidates with Eurosearch

Especially in complex industries such as banking, compliance and technology, modern solutions are required to identify suitable candidates. That's why we deliberately break away from active sourcing and ensure new progress in the long term through our highly developed Lean Direct Search. In this way, you receive 100% feedback from your desired candidate - without a long wait.

Together with TomyAI, our innovative AI algorithm, we qualify new applicants before they even make contact, minimizing the time spent on recruiting. Especially for the Banking Capital Markets industry, which thrives on efficient decisions, our LDS becomes the biggest advantage.

Your benefits for Banking Capital Markets

As an experienced team, we know exactly what entrepreneurial thinking is all about. We stand for loyalty and commitment in order to be able to offer you a unique concept for success for every project.


Specialized and industry-related

Jobs in Banking Capital Markets require many basic skills and personal qualities. We take all this into account for you with our sophisticated recruiting strategies.


Digital and innovative

For you, our recruitment process works completely digitally. Simply submit the desired briefing to us and sit back while we find candidates for you.

Our Eurosearch Partner: Oliver Eller

We make personnel progress tangible for you. Together with Oliver Eller, our partner and expert for Banking Capital Markets, we provide you with consulting support and help to ensure that your requirements are clearly formulated. With the help of Lean Direct Search, we are able to advance your personnel search even for highly complex industries and reposition you within a short period of time. Contact us directly and let us advise you.

About us

How we relieve you with Eurosearch

With Eurosearch we have stood for tradition and progress since 1968 to enrich your team at every level. Our extensive network of candidates is convincing in the area of banking capital markets in order to reach new specialists and executives in asset management, as a bank or insurer and in investment companies. In doing so, we combine the advantages of AI and humanity in order to present you with exclusively tailored employees from day 1. Here at Eurosearch we accompany you from the first contact to the new employment contract in your company and help you advance.