For more than 10 years, our online recruiting pioneers have been using the most effective, fastest and cost-efficient method to find talent - the Internet.

We combine this worldwide research tool as needed with conventional headhunting methods. Always with the same goal: To find the best match for your company.

The best candidates are found by using state-of-the-art recruiting methods enhanced by good knowledge of human nature.

The right mix of measures leads to success. 

Studies show that nowadays about two-thirds of all candidates are found via electronic media. That is our primary area of focus. However, by combining these media with conventional recruiting methods, you can optimize your chances for a successful placement.





An ideal candidate is one who will still be the right one for you in the future.

Despite all the technology behind efficient search processes, it is the subtle interpersonal aspect that often makes the difference.

How do people fit together? Will the chemistry still be right in a more complex business environment? These are questions that ultimately no computer program can answer, but rather a fine, interpersonal sense, gained from years of experience and a passion for recruiting. It is a task into which we put our heart and soul: To find prospective candidates, who will not only do a good job, but be a genuine asset for your company.


To ensure maximum accuracy in finding the best match for you, we use sophisticated aptitude diagnostics and special assessments allowing us to select the most suitable candidates for your company.

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