We find the right specialists.

For more than 50 years, we at Eurosearch have always had our finger on the pulse and have the ongoing mission of finding the right specialists for your company.

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Established in 1968! Revision 2023.

Efficiency and innovation in headhunting

The labor market has reversed itself: there are more jobs than employees. That is why efficient and innovative headhunting is required.

Tradition & Experience

Founded in 1968, Eurosearch brings a lot of tradition and experience with it. We build on this experience and tradition to offer our clients and candidates a first-class service. We have built a reputation over the years as a trusted partner in the recruiting market and rely on proven methods to achieve the best results for our clients.

Progress & Innovation

We have dared an innovative upheaval and rely on the latest technologies to find and identify the right specialists for our customers. In this way, we are continuing our more than 50-year-old tradition to help you with your employee recruitment at the height of our time.

Human and Personal

At Eurosearch we rely on a team of experts who use the latest technologies to identify the best candidates. However, we believe that personal communication and human interaction are essential to understand our client's requirements and to correctly identify the candidates. Our experts are by your side throughout the application process, making sure we find the best candidates for you and providing you with a first class service.

Meet our team

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Michael Süß
Anja Peuten