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Are you looking for additional personnel for your team? With Eurosearch we find the right specialists in all disciplines for you through an innovative methodology.

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Welcome to the headhunting innovation - symbiosis of AI & humanity.

Our team of experts
Our artificial intelligence Tomy
How do we work? Our methodology

Efficient direct contact with specialists by AI and a team of experts

Tomy.AI (Sourcing Team with AI)

Innovative search for skilled workers through AI

Our AI tool Tomy.AI searches the entire internet as well as our in-house database with over 800,000 profiles that match the job description. This is how we find all professionals who match the description. We look everywhere until we find exactly the right specialists.

IdentCenter (ident team with expert team)

Identification & targeted approach

Our IdentCenter is a team of 23 in-house, trained researchers who specialize in identifying the professionals that others overlook. You find out the contact information of the identified candidates and thus always get direct contact with the candidate. By screening the market 100%, we ensure that we find the best professionals for you.

Personal Response Success Rate

What makes our methodology special

Less than 30% of the candidates contacted report back to conventional active sourcing.

At Eurosearch we rely on Lean Direct Search (LDS). With LDS, you will receive 100% feedback thanks to personal contact and you will know exactly what position your ideal candidate is in. LDS is an effective way to find the right candidates and get a high response rate. This enables us to find the best specialists for you and fill your open positions quickly and efficiently.

Sectors & Industries

For whom is Eurosearch the perfect solution?

With Eurosearch we support you in many industries in recruiting experienced specialists and experts. For banking capital markets, in health care or mechanical engineering, in industry, for customer goods, in finance, for banks and IT, but also in the pharmaceutical industry, we take over the recruitment for your company.

Headhunting Innovation

The recruitment process has changed significantly in recent years. Until recently, there were significantly more employees than jobs available, but this has now changed.


Tradition meets innovation!

For us, quality and speed are not mutually exclusive. Our aim is to present you with suitable candidates to fill your position as quickly as possible. With the help of our TomyAI, we qualify potential specialists in advance and ensure that they have the necessary qualities.


Fast & Efficient

Thanks to our lean direct search, candidates who cannot be found on the web are also identified. You benefit 100% from the visibility and availability of potential candidates and always receive feedback.


Human and Personal

Despite increasing automation, humanity remains an important part of communication. This is the only way to make humanely intelligent decisions and skilfully deal with queries. At Eurosearch you will always have a permanent, trained contact person.

About Us

We find the right specialists.

Since our founding in 1968, Eurosearch has stood for first-class recruiting. In 1997 we became part of the DEININGER CONSULTING Group, with offices in Europe, China, India and ASEAN. With the year 2023 we are entering a new phase and relying on artificial intelligence to help our team of experts to find and identify specialists for you even more efficiently.